Microneedling treatment: Take care of your skin right

Do you want to look like Miss Universe? Now you can get that title without competing in a beauty pageant. At Nouvelle Vie, we provide you with an opportunity to become a cover girl even if you have some skin problems. Complete our course of microneedling in NYC and get rid of them once and for all. It’s a next-generation rejuvenation procedure that you need to look like a million dollars.

  • How does microneedling facial work?

    In plain English, microneedling is a new form of therapy which aims at encouraging your body to produce more collagen, the protein that makes your skin firm and smooth. The treatment involves causing multiple tiny pricks through the use of a special tool called a dermaroller. These microscopic, invisible injuries on the skin boost natural self-healing processes in the body, which result in collagen and elastin induction. Even though this treatment is all about hundreds of pricks on a problematic skin zone, you should not expect it to be unbearably painful. When microtraumas are caused in a targeted way using the sophisticated needling equipment, the risk of unpleasant sensations is dramatically minimized. Plus, you may be offered some serum or numbing cream if you feel slight discomfort after the procedure. For the painless experience, be sure to schedule an appointment with one of the Nouvelle Vie spa professionals. We specialize in microneedling in Brooklyn, where we have everything it takes to carry out this revitalizing procedure at the highest level. With your comfort in mind, we’ve created a relaxing atmosphere in our office and equipped it with the latest needling tools.

  • Why microneedling treatment is so appealing?

    As a rejuvenating technique, microneedling is mainly used to slow down skin aging and prevent new wrinkles from appearing on the face. That said, it can solve far more skin problems, including:

    • - acne scars;
    • - pockmarks;
    • - hyperpigmentation and sun-damaged skin;
    • - enlarged pores;
    • - blackheads;
    • - uneven skin texture;
    • - and more.

    What makes microneedling one of the best skin care procedures is that it allows you to experience its effects right off the bat. Whether it’s about reducing the visibility of acne scars or getting the smooth texture, you can expect marked improvements in a matter of hours.

  • How much will the procedure cost?

    Although microneedling costs vary from office to office, it is Nouvelle Vie where you will be able to enjoy the most reasonable prices for what you are getting. Here, the total cost of cosmetic services depends on the areas of treatment and the number of sessions you need. So, go ahead and receive the best treatment for your skin!