This is a procedure which involves no surgery or lasers but still rejuvenates the skin in a similar way. The skin is exfoliated which improves the amount of collagen that it produces. This will not only make your skin appear healthier it will actually make it more healthy beneath the surface too. The procedure is most often carried out on the face, but is suitable for skin on other parts of the body too. This technique is carried out at many places including Medi-Spa at Knoxville Dermatology Group.

There are many benefits to the treatment and these include:

  • Improved skin texture
  • Softer skin
  • Brightening of dull skin
  • Providing a more even skin tone
  • Lightening hyperpigmentation and brown spots
  • Improvement to areas damaged by sun
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines
  • Making small scars less visible
  • Stimulating the skin to produce more elastin and collagen which give younger looking skin
  • The Microdermabrasion Process

    The process involves using a wand on the skin which has micro crystals on it to remove dead skin cells. This will allow the new cells underneath to show through. The old cells are vacuumed away. The process feels like the skin is being mildly scratched or stung so may be slightly uncomfortable but not painful. There is no need for pain killers and it takes just half to three quarters of an hour. Most people have three treatments twice a month in order to get the results that they desire.

  • Recovery

    You are able to go home straight after a treatment. The skin may be red and make-up can be applied to cover this up. It may take a few days for redness, irritation and swelling to settle down. The skin may peel or flake off too. Sun screen is essential to protect the new layer of skin from the sun. You will be told how to care for the skin after the treatment. You may be given some skin care products on a prescription to help the skin to heal and to stay in good condition. If your skin is not thought to be suitable for this treatment a chemical peel or laser treatment may be recommended instead.

  • Safety

    Although the treatment is safe as it is non-invasive, if you have very sensitive skin then it may not be suitable. Staff at the treatment clinic will be able to look at your skin and recommend the correct treatment for you.