Spa Services


Pamper your skin with a special care you deserve. We use effective cosmetology methodic which allows you to be gorgeous at any age.

Experienced specialists will select individual revitalizing program for your body and facial treatment. Forget about masking deformities by excessive makeup! Healthy skin is the best adornment that never comes out of fashion.


Massage helps to relax after exhausting workhours and regain energy. Feel the harmony of body and mind!

Our highly experienced massagers will recommend you the type of massage that you need. The professionals will ensure that the procedure is comfortable for you and extremely beneficial for your health. Forget about worries and enjoy the relaxation.


Enjoy every minute spent in our spa center. We care about your mood and comfort.

Have time for yourself. You deserve it. Professional massagers and cosmeticians select a personal spa-program for every client. We will be glad to answer any of your questions.


Especially for you we will choose necessary spa-procedures which are so useful for future moms. We use effective organic-based treatments that are safe to use for everyone.

Our vast experience allows us to create unrivaled spa-programs for pregnant. We ensure that you and your baby get the best mood and maximum of health benefits while visiting our Medical Spa Center.