Waxing procedures

Waxing Spa Procedures

The procedure was first introduced years ago. Having started with the celebrities’ tight circle, now it has become an “absolute must-do”. Every person paying attention to his or her appearance undergoes it regularly. It may seem easy, but preserve multiple extremely important sanitary and other means. How can you make it 100% safe? In what way can you soothe the pain? This is the area where our professionals possess expert knowledge. And we are looking for the opportunity to share our skills and experience in this sphere with you in order to make your life easier. To do so, we offer the whole range of wax procedures:

Brazilian Bikini - $45

Regular Bikini - $30

Lower Leg - $35

Upper Leg - $40

Full Leg - $65

Half Arm - $30

Full Arm - $40

Sideburn - $15

Underarms - $25

Lip/Chin - $15

Eyebrows - $20

Eyebrow Tint - $15

Eye Lash Tint - $30