Therapeutic and relaxing massage

Professional facials in Brooklyn spa

Stress, tension, emotional breakdown – these are the exact indications for complex professional massage. We apply various techniques to revive your body and to make you feel relaxed and energized. Relaxation isn’t the only one result of this procedure. It copes with a huge variety of problems. Try on this excellent method of considerable and delicate recharging.

SWEDISH MASSAGE (from $85 for 50 min, $110 for 80 min)

A “traditional” massage personalized to your needs. Using long, sliding movements and light to medium pressure, this healing treatment is used to enhance circulation, relieve muscle tightness, diminish stress, and most importantly, bring relaxation. The best for your first massage procedure or for those in need to relax.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (from $100 for 60 min)

This revitalizing treatment method is developed to lighten overstressing and persistent pain. Unhurried movements and strong pressure lower tension in the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. Best suited for those with constant pain, sportsmen, and individuals who choose a more robust pressure.

PRENATAL MASSAGE (from $85 for 50 min, $115 for 80 min)

This type of massage is based on the requirements of the expectant mother. For these needs, we use specialized equipment, like specific cushions. The future mother will alleviate stress with peace of mind, get rid of neck and back discomfort, minimize legs and feet water thesaurismosis. This procedure is accessible after the first trimester.


This therapeutic foot massage came to us from ancient Egypt reflexology. It was founded on the basis that each foot area reflexes the state of the corresponding particular body area including glands, organs, and systems. Applying pressure to specific dots helps to reduce stress, revitalize and restore the body balance in whole.