Professional Facials

Therapeutic and relaxing massages

To make the skin look gorgeous one should pay attention to it on a daily basis. It doesn't matter what your make-up preferences are. The state of your skin is what's important indeed. All over-the-counter care treatment products may not provide you with the desired results. Call in the cavalry – professional facials*. Overcome the disappointment! The highly effective method will help you get the healthy glowing skin you deserve. We will choose the type of facials corresponding to all your individual peculiarities and needs. We have an individual approach to every client, which is intensified even more by thorough professional consultation. Use the secret weapon of Hollywood starlets! *Each facial goes with neck, face, shoulder and arm relaxing massage.

Nouvelle Vie Youth Facial ($70)

Commence young to remain young. Taste our pure and freshest solutions product. It provides gentle exfoliation and cleaning, all the needed benefits for the young skin.

Nouvelle Vie Acne/Problematic Skin (High-frequency treatment included) ($95)

If acne is your concern, check out our offer including the perfect combination of Alfa-Hydroxy acids and a peeling session. The deepest impurities are extracted by these active ingredients. Complete the procedure with our special mask to reduce bacteria and irritation. Be sure to get instantly purified skin look and manifesting healthy glow.

Nouvelle Vie Cure Facial ($110)

A thorough cleansing treatment based on the innovative enzymatic detoxification. This nano-stimulated mask purifies, nourishes and moistens the skin. Followed by the moisturizing veil, this procedure makes your skin shining and brilliant. Highly-qualified professionals perform deliberate skin care protocol.

Nouvelle Vie Gents Facial ($115)

Designed specifically for gentlemen, the skin care procedure effectively counters results of shaving, constant stresses and lack of time for all, which all has outcome of unalive looking skin. The innovative active ingredient, coming with a calming massage of neck and shoulders, will let you feel completely relaxed and revived.

Nouvelle Vie Citrus - A - Peel Facial ($125)

To rejuvenate your skin and overcome sun damage excluding premature aging token, use our antioxidant treatment recreative serums to stimulate new collagen cells growth, resulting in the substantial appearance improvement.

Nouvelle Vie Oxy - Fusion Facial ($165)

Provides enough oxygen to your skin. This radical new oxygen molecule approach guarantees the qualitative cleansing, nourishment and revitalization taking care of every single skin cell. This texture includes 87 various vitamin combinations, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and pure oxygen.

Nouvelle Vie Back Facial ($120)

For those special occasions, when shining skin on your shoulders and back is a total must-have, we offer the facial involving a substantial pore cleansing and lifting impurities followed by delicate extrication and special care mask.

Nouvelle Vie Microdermabrasion ($140)

To wash out the signs of aging we offer our nonabrasive, crystal free agents, representing an ideal rejuvenating treatment. The highly effective procedure is great for removing any aging signs produced by sun influence, pollution and stress. Suitable for any skin type.

Nouvelle Vie Couperose/Rosacea Resolution Facial - By Repechage ($125)

Diffuses the redness and brings out your natural blush with the help of micro silver and anti-oxidants, any sign of epidermal irritation and blotchiness are dramatically diminished.

Nouvelle Vie Hydro Facial ($160)

Hydrate your skin. This hydro facial thoroughly purifying, exfoliating, extracting, hydrating complex procedure. It includes vertex-fusion of peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. This method, being noninvasive and non-surgical, provides the immediate effect.